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Meaty Placeholder Images. A simple way to use pictures of tasty meat as placeholders in your design. Just put your image width and height in our url and you'll get some meat.
2020-10-09#thewomanintheroom speaks up for everyone who’s ever been the woman in the room.The Woman in the Room project is a series of posters designed to help you speak out against gender bias in the workplace. Download, print, and post her voice wherever you need it.
A collection of overheard exclamations that aims to capture what it’s like to work in a New York design studio.
Design and test virtual keyboards
Thoughts on software design and its impact on human productivity and creative expression.
Spell is a web developer, designer and accessibility specialist living in beautiful Allentown, PA. In his spare time, he can be found restoring retro arcade machines.
Essays by Chad Mazzola, designer & writer based in Stockholm, Sweden.
there is always something that bothers me
Parimal Satyal is a designer and occasional writer interested in aviation, cultural exchange, languages, science, computers, the open web and the European Union. Neustadt.fr is his personal website with his writing, music and links.
Drawing, design, and ideas...

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