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A showcase of lightweight websites. The 512KB Club is an exclusive list of web pages weighing less than 512 kilobytes.
I wanted to create a tool to sort the named CSS colors in a way that it shows related colors together. CSS colors sorted by their hue, saturation and lightness
A directory of significant indieweb link collections: blogrolls, directories, search engines, link pages, niche directories, and other indexes of links.
A hand-picked directory of the best design resources and tools.
LandOf.Dev is your homepage for everything dev. Explore our index of awesome lists to discover new development resources.
Select websites, tools, assets, and readings for working in and learning about design.
A site for people who think. Intellectual resources, programming, astronomy, science, mathematics, Java/JavaScript applets, programming instruction, home of Arachnophilia.
We have an abundance of photoshop resources for your personal use, as well as rants about life, along with recipes, art, resources, tutorials, and fanfiction.
Scroll out to explore scenes. Scroll in to explore genres. Scroll in even more to explore individual years.
Read 🌐 online or 📃 print out, ✂️ cut, and 🙏 fold to create a physical copy. 💜 Remix and write your own zine!

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